Valerie E. Leclercq, Ed.D.

Licensed Professional Counselor   |   EMDR Level II

At times, life can be very challenging and through therapy conducted by a Mental Health trained professional such as me, you will have the chance to process unresolved feelings and trauma. Processing those unresolved feelings and trauma maybe uncomfortable and even difficult at times, however positive changes will take place in your life. Counseling provides a safe place where you may honestly explore your true feelings and emotions. As your counselor, I will empower you to make life changing decisions with the ultimate objective of reaching your individual goals based on positive results. I will provide a caring and respectful environment and effective professional help. Therapy is a collaborative process. By seeking help, you made the first crucial step to turn your life around in a positive way. We will work together to build and determine the best and most appropriate treatment plan that will be most effective for you. I am looking forward working with you to increase your well-being and success in life.