Why see a Counselor?
Mental Health Professionals assist clients to move forward when they are experiencing a feeling of stagnation regarding their professional and/or their emotional/spiritual growth. The counseling process will help the client with necessary therapeutic tools to have a better understanding of their challenges.

What is EMdR?
EMDR is a therapeutic technique which stands for: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. It assists client processing trauma to increase their daily functioning and to assist clients reprocessing unprocessed information and to store them more adaptively.

What is Multicultural Counseling?
It refers to counselor consideration for the client cultural diversity. Clients are the product of their cultural heritage and counselors have to respect and demonstrate awareness toward their own cultural background and their clients.

What is the Psychological Adaptation?
It refers to the mental and physical well being of the immigrant in their host country (Berry & Sam, 1997).

What is Socialcultural Adaptation?
It refers to immigrant capability to organize one's daily life in their host country such as: language ability, cultural knowlege, social relationship (Berry, 1997).